How To Care For Your Gluten-Free Bread

We strive for perfection and authenticity in all our gluten-free products. In doing so, we have chosen to NOT add preservatives or additives into our gluten-free and dairy-free bread. Therefore, they are shipped straight from our ovens to your door. To ensure longevity, please follow the following care instructions.

Upon Arrival: Freeze

After receiving your bread, slice as you wish and freeze in a sealed plastic bag or container. This is to ensure that as little air as possible gets to the bread while they are waiting to be enjoyed.

Step 1: Defrost

When you are ready to eat, DO NOT defrost bread in the oven. This will dry out your bread. Instead, defrost on counter until soft (about 1 hour). You may also defrost overnight in the fridge so your bread is ready to go in the morning.

Step 2: Heat

Bread & Rolls  1. Preheat oven to 350 F
  2. Remove food-safe plastic packaging
  3. Place bread(s) on a baking sheet
  4. Heat your bread for 2-5 minutes or until toasted


1. Slice bagel in half and store in the freezer in a zip lock bag
2. Directly out of the freezer wrap bagel in a damp paper towel and place in the microwave for 20        seconds
3. Toast if desired
4. Enjoy! 

Step 3: Serve

Our bread are mouthwatering delicious and can be served as is, with butter/margarine, as a sandwich, a side dish, and anything else you desire.